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Story of Frogs, Short Motivational Story of Frogs, Best story

Story of Frogs, Short Motivational Story of Frogs,

A group of frogs was going through the path of the forest. Suddenly two frogs fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw that the hole is too deep, all the frogs standing above shouted, “You two cannot get out of this pit, the pit is very deep, you both give up hope to get out of it.”

Those two frogs probably did not listen to the frogs standing above and they continued to jump to get out of the pit. The frogs standing outside kept saying ‘Both of you are working in vain, you should give up, both of you should give up. You can’t leave

One of the two frogs that fell into the pit, the frog overheard the frogs standing upstairs, and, leaving the jump, he sat down in a corner disappointed. The second frog kept trying, he kept jumping as much as he could.

All the frogs standing outside were constantly saying that you should give up, but that frog might not be able to listen to them and kept jumping and after a lot of efforts, he came out. The other frogs said, “Did you not listen to us?”

The frog pointed out that he could not listen to them because he was deaf and could not hear, so he could not listen to anyone. He was thinking that everyone is encouraging him.

Learn from the story. Learning From The Story

Whenever we speak, they affect people, so always speak positively.

Whatever people say, you should have complete faith in yourself and think positively.

We get success only by hard work, confidence and positive thinking.

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Best Motivational Story: Impossible to test truth without knowledge

Best Motivational Story: Impossible to test truth without knowledge

After the death of a jeweler, his family was in trouble. Had to eat food too.

One day, his wife gave his son a sapphire necklace and said- ‘Son, take it to your uncle’s shop and tell them to sell it and give some money.

Son, he took the necklace and went to uncle.

The uncle looked at the necklace thoroughly and said- ‘Son, tell the mother that the market is very dirty right now. Selling a little, will get good prices. And giving him a small amount of money, he asked you to come and sit at the shop from tomorrow.

From the next day, the boy started going to the shop every day and started learning the work of diamonds and gems there. One day he became a big connoisseur and people came from far and wide to test his diamond.

One day his uncle said, ‘Son, bring that necklace to your mother and say that now the market is very fast, she will get good prices.’

Taking the defeat from his mother, he tested it and found that it was fake. He left her at home and returned to the shop.

Uncle asked, ‘Did not bring defeat?’
He said, “That was fake.”

Then uncle said- ‘When you had brought the necklace for the first time, then I would have told it to be fake, then you would have thought that we had a bad time today, then uncle started calling our thing fake as well and today when you got knowledge yourself, So it turns out that the necklace is really fake.

The truth is that what we think, see and know in this world without knowledge is all wrong. And by such misunderstandings, relationships deteriorate.

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Story: Do not compare yourself to others.

Story: Do not compare yourself to others.

Once upon a time, a crow lived in a forest, he was very happy, because he did not have much desires. He was satisfied with his life, but once he saw a goose in the forest and upon seeing it, he started thinking about how beautiful this creature is, such a creature I have never seen before! So clean and white. It is very white and beautiful in this forest, so it must be very happy.

crow went to swan and asked, brother, you are so beautiful, so you will be very happy?

To this swan replied, Yes, I used to be very happy at first, until I saw the parrot. After seeing him, it seems that the parrot is the most beautiful creature on earth. We both have the same color of the body but the body of the parrot has two colors, the circle of red around his neck and it was green in color, he was really beautiful.

Now the crow thought that Hans is telling the parrot the most beautiful, then he has to see it.

The crow went to the parrot and asked, brother, will you be happy to get two colors?

To this the parrot said, yes I was happy until I saw the peacock. I have only two colors, but there are many colors on the peacock’s body.

The crow went to the parrot and asked, brother, will you be happy to get two colors?

To this the parrot said, yes I was happy until I saw the peacock. I have only two colors, but there are many colors on the peacock’s body.

Now the crow thought who is the happiest, I will only know this. So now we have to meet peacock. The crow found the peacock in the jungle but could not find a single peacock in the whole forest and while searching for the peacock, he reached the zoo, so many people came to see the peacock and there is a huge crowd around it.

After everyone left, the crow asked the peacock, brother, you are the most beautiful creature in the world and colorful, people were photographed with you. You must like it very much and you will be the happiest creature in the world?

On this, the peacock said sadly, even if brother is beautiful, what difference does it make! People keep me captive in this zoo, but no one keeps you captive in the zoo and you can roam free of charge wherever you want. That is why you should be the most satisfied and happy creature in the world, because you remain free. The crow was surprised, because the importance of his life was revealed to someone else.

Friends, we do the same. We compare our happiness and qualities with others, people whose living environment is completely different from us. There are many such things in our life, which only we have, but we are not happy considering its importance. But the small happiness of others also makes us feel big, while we ignore our great happiness.


Good fruit is good – story

Good fruit is good – story

Good fruit is good – story: In ancient times there was a king. She was very fond of drawing natural beauty.
One day he went to a high mountain to draw a picture. There he started drawing a very beautiful picture. When the picture was made, he would stand in front of it, staring at it from every angle and correcting it with a brush wherever there was any deficiency in the picture. In the end, he began to retreat one step to find out what the picture looked like from a distance. While retreating, he reached the edge of the hill.

A boy was grazing his sheep nearby. He saw the king retreating. He thought that if the king would retreat even a step, he would fall into a deep valley and die. Thinking that the boy ran to the picture and tore the picture with his stick.

The king was very angry at this mischief of the boy. He grabbed and grabbed the boy. The king shouted angrily, “Fool! What have you done? I will not leave you alive.”
The sheep grazing boy humbly said, “Maharaj, just look back! Look at the deep valley below! If I had not torn this picture, you would have fallen into this valley and you would not have survived.”

The king looked back and was speechless. He thanked the boy for saving his life. The king said to the boy, “Truly, if you had not acted cleverly, my life would not have survived.”

The king then took the boy with him to the palace. He gave a lot of prizes to the boy. The king raised him under his supervision and when he grew up made him his Prime Minister.

Education – Good fruit is good.

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Introduction to the life of Elon Mushk

Introduction to the life of Elon Mushk

Many people have made their own contribution in the world of business and computer.

When this fast-running world can not say, no one can tell.

It is such a famous person in this world who has kept everyone from his ability.

Elon Musk – Elon Mushok is a person who has made himself different in this world on his own. From his childhood he was very interested in computer.

The most intriguing thing from his life is that when he was only 10 years old, he himself had prepared a computer program.

They did not stop at the same thing, and even after this they did great work in the computer. When he was only 12, he had created the software of the game and also sold him in the market.

Introduction to the life of Elon Mushk

Elon R. Mushq was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. Mukk’s mother was from Canada and Dad was British but his father was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

But in 1980, his mother and father got divorced and after this incident, they lived with their father and when they lived with their father, they had lived in many places in Africa. He completed his studies at Waterclough House Preparatory School and completed the degree in Pretoria Boys High School.

Elon Mushk’s career

When he was made a citizen of Canada, then in 1988 he went to Canada, at that time he was only 17 years old.

His mother was from Canada, so he was easily made a Canadian citizen.

His South Africa military service had already reached Canada before it started.

When he lived in Canada, he thought that going from here to South Africa would be easy enough and he did so. Later, he studied at the Queen’s School of Business in Ontario for two years.

After studying these two years, he went to the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a Degree in Economics from Wharton School.

To complete another degree of physics, he remains a year old. He later went to California because he had to do PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford.

In 1988, he moved to Canada and became an American citizen. He is currently the CEO of Tesla Motors, Solar City and the architect of the main product, as well as the CEO and CEO of Space X. Elon Mushk is a major contributor in the design of Falcon Heavy Rocket and to make it, for this reason most people also know him for the Falcon Rocket.

Alon Mushk and his brother jointly opened a software company named Zip2 in 1995. But in 1999, they sold this company and went millionaires. After that he opened a company named, but after some time, he added it to the company of Confinity and when these two companies came together, they were made new companies called Paypal. was named after Paypal and after giving the name,

Elon Mushk insisted on making the company bigger. After that he opened the SpaceX company and became Tesla’s CEO. But after reaching Wahap, he had to leave this course only after two days, because he wanted to do business in the field of internet, innovative energy and leisure. He became a US citizen in 2002. Alon Mushk had started doing incredible work since childhood.

His period of such a wonderful work continued even further. In many of his work, there is a Falcon Rocket. Alon Mushk has done the work of designing this rocket itself and at the same time, he has contributed most to succeeding this big mission.

Most people recognize him only for the success of this Falcon Rocket.

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