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Alfaaz Nahi Milte Sarkaar Ko Kya Kahiye Naat Lyrics

Alfaaz Nahi Milte Sarkaar Ko Kya Kahiye
Jibreel Salaami De Darbaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Akhalqe Muhammad Ki Kya Shaan Niraali Hai
Dushman Bhi Padhe Kalma Kirdaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Misaqe Azal Me Jo Iqraare Bala Thehra
Jaari Hai Wo Mehshar Tak Iqraar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Bas Ek Palak Jhapki Meraaj Hui Poori
Us Saahibe Rif’at Ki Raftaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Thi Nutqe Muhammad Me Taasire Kalaame Rab
Fusha Bhi Bane Gunge Guftaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Ek Ek Sahabi Par Firdaus Bhi Naazaan Hai
Siddique Umar Usman Karraar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Aye Toor Tujhe Shayad Wo Baat Na Bhooli Ho
Israar Ko Kya Kahiye Inkaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Woh Gaar Ke Jisne Ek Tareekh Banaayi Hai,
Us Gaar Ko Kya Kahiye us Yaar Ko Kya Kahiye.

Nazmi Teri Naato Ka Andaaz Niraala Hai,
Mazmoon Anokhe Hai Ash’aar Ko Kya Kahiye.

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Never share these things with your relation

Never share these things with your relation

Never share these things with your relation, share it with someone, do not become your joke,Relationships are like raw threads,and when the relationship is of love, then it has to be handled more than anything else. Often, when you get stunned about anything between the two, then you discuss it with your friend or anyone. At that time your tension may be reduced. It may also be that you get a solution, but it is not always necessary. There are also many disadvantages as well. Just like you have to protect your partner’s self esteem. You should not share everything related to your relationship with anyone. Today we will tell you what you should avoid from sharing your relationship with others. Let’s know what those things are.

Partner Personal Talks
Your partner has given you your personal information with great confidence. Never open your partner’s personal information with anyone in anger. Your partner shares your happiness with you. No matter how many problems you may have in both of them, but you have to maintain their trust. If you ever get annoyed and share their talk with anyone, whenever they know, they will break their trust.

Things related to your fight
Every relationship has a nozzle. Where there are two kitchenware, they are just playing. It should not happen that whenever you have a fight, you become emotional and tell your friends about your quarrels. Instead, try to reduce the distance between the two. Because you will forget these fights, but your friends always remember it.

About partner’s previous relationship
Never share any ties or anger related to your partner’s previous relationship with your friends. Your doing so may make your partner feel bad. Apart from this, your partner’s image will be negative in the eyes of your friends. Doing this is not exactly right for your relationship.

These foods will definitely feed the kids at the age of growing, will become smart and long

Things related to economic problems
If your partner is going through economic problems and you are helping him in this trouble, then take care of it that you will not tell this to anyone. Neither your partner nor your partner would like to do this. Along with this, your friends’ attitude towards your relationship changes.

These things are in the partner they should forgive their mistaked

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some signs that will tell you are ready for love

some signs that will tell you are ready for love

Are you ready for love

There are different turns in life and every turn brings some responsibilities along with it. You are ready to handle these responsibilities and the situation, it is necessary. One such turning point in life is that when love comes in your life and is ready for a relationship. Let’s know what are those signs that show that you are ready for love.

You are Adult
Being Adult does not mean that you have a lot of experience gathered. This means that you have been mentally prepared for every kind of experience. You understand how to take responsibility for yourself and your work.

You know what you want in a partner

Some people just need a partner. They want to find someone who can play them together in any way. They often ignore the kind of helplessness that they need to partner with. What kind of people do they want to be in the relationship? When you are clear on this, then understand that you are ready for a relationship.

You recognize yourself
You know what makes you happy and what makes you angry. Where do you like to go and how do you recover from your misery? If you know all this, then you understand yourself and people who recognize yourself, it is also easier to identify others. In this case, you will know which partner is good for you and which is not.

You are emotionally and physically available
Have you made space for a partner in your life? That is, do you want to give love to somebody and want to get somebody’s love? It is necessary to close the first door before opening a new door.

You are a good listener
If your parents explain something to you, can you hear them calmly? Do not check your Facebook during your outing with your friend. If your answer is yes then you are a good listener. A good listener can run the relationship better.

You know the meaning of parallelism
In a relationship 50/50 does not mean that you have to divide the bill half-half. It means that what you are expecting from your partner, are you ready to fulfill it? When you are in love, you have to lose something to get something. These are all rules of equality for any relationship.

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Every mother must tell these things to her children

Every mother must tell these things to her childrenEvery mother must tell these things to her children

Every mother must tell these things to her children Good parents are those who teach children good from the beginning. They learn to live in discipline. However, for this, parents need to pay a lot of attention to their children. Children can be taught well only when you are right in yourself. It is the responsibility of every parent to identify the right kind of children. So that the child should not go on the wrong road, for which the parents need to be active at all times. If children are kept in discipline from childhood, then there will never be any problem in their life.

Every mother must tell these things to her children

Give Children a Good Learn
Whenever you take part in any sport, then play honestly. Respect victory and defeat and accept it. Be together with your colleagues, stay with them in their defeat victory.
Parents must share experiences with children. By which children can understand the importance of experience and live their lives easily.
Special attention should be given to children’s food and together with which food what vitamin or protein is obtained from. So if the kids eat out on their own outside the market, then they will hand over any food to acid by talking about your statement.
Parents fix the children’s study time. Together, this mind is in the makeup, how many hours to read and how many hours to play. When parents give children everything from start to finish, they will not have any tension in the future.
When the children make mistakes, then the parents should first explain them with affection and not over them. There is no understanding in children so that they make mistakes. Parents should lovingly provide children with them to improve their mistakes so that your child can easily follow discipline.

Parents should tell them everything they need to properly fulfill their responsibilities in the right time so that the children and your work will be done properly.
Parents should have a habit of respecting people from the beginning, so that the child does not feel hesitant to choose from the larger ones. Sometimes it happens that some children are shy of nature. And when some guests come to their house, they are ashamed to greet him or touch his feet.

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some signs that will tell you are ready for love

Parents do not stand the fear wall among children. So that children will be able to easily share their thoughts with you. And they will also be able to follow your discipline.
Parents should pay attention to the things they like, and what their choice is right for them. Explain these things also what is wrong.
Parents also give special attention to these things about which sports they are motivated to play in children’s play which is right for them.

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Who are more romantic, boys or girls? Learn

Who are more romantic, boys or girls? Learnlast

Who are more romantic, boys or girls? Learn

male and female
Talks and feelings, as well as relationships, women have always been ahead in order to achieve it. Because in the case of relations women are considered more sensitive and emotional. It is understood that when it comes to love, romance and adoption, then women in this area are beaten. But a recent research has called it wrong and considered men more romantic.

according to research
According to this research in Britain, men have betrayed women in the case of romance. In a survey in England, it is revealed that on Valentine’s Day, men become more romantic than their female partners, while women often overlook this occasion.

Talk about when to cry
It was also revealed in this research that more women than women try to persuade their partners after chanting. While women do not make much effort to persuade them after the rape of their male partner. If the mistake is of a woman then the men do not go back in celebration.

Love at first sight
According to another research published in the Daily Mail, men are more loving at first sight than women. According to the results of this research, 48 percent of men sit in love at first sight, while only 28 percent of women have love at first sight. According to another research published in Psychology Today, men’s love is more true than women. Such people who are more romantic, they truly love the woman they love.

Who initiates
If research is conducted in Psychology Today, the first step is to initiate the male initiatives before falling in love. When expressing the word ‘Ivilu Tu’ in response to the woman’s response, she becomes more happy. In these studies it was also revealed that women believe that love is rare at first sight. Love is a feeling, it happens slowly. His idea of ​​this is less romance.

Matters to choose from
When it comes to the election of partner, women consider more about their families than their love. Women believe that the partners who choose their partner are more trustworthy and their relationship is long.