Do not waste your future

Do not waste your future

Why Poverty Loses People
It has been said right that whatever has come in this world has come alone and alone it has to go.

Humans are poor because of their deeds if a person can work hard in the right way, he can eradicate his poverty altogether, but there are some people who fight and some people spend their life in poverty. All of us have got the same life and we should use it correctly.

It was a matter of time that a laborer lived in the village of Pavtaliya and he was living his life very comfortably, he had no tension about what would happen to me and my family. He used to spend as much as he earned, never saving a single rupee for his coming days or for his children. One day, the laborer was very sick and the people of the house gathered hard enough to get treatment for him. But after this he was not well and he started to get sick and he died because of lack of money. He left this world and left his wife and two children and went away.

After his death, some people gave up to his family for a few days, but when all the people saw that his wife used to eat simply by asking for comfort and did not do anything. There was too much lazy, some did not want to work, it was a day’s talk when all the people stopped giving food, then his beta fell ill and became very ill. Seeing your brother sick, the younger daughter said, “When will my brother die?” Upon hearing this, her mother ran and said what you said to her. Then the girl said that when the brother dies, then everyone will eat us again and we will not be hungry. Upon hearing this girl’s words, she came to her mother’s eyes and she started working for her children from that day and gave them a lot of attention.

Do not waste your future

It has been told to you in this story that if the woman worked hard and did some work she would have saved her husband, but she did not do it.

Laterhe came to understand and started working very hard and gave a better life to his children. Poverty sometimes breaks people, we all do not want to laugh at anyone’s trouble. Rather it should cooperate.

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